The Millennium Project

The Millennium Project was formed after the Battle of Detroit in August 1992 by the US government and the heads of several large corporations to rebuild the City of Detroit before the year 2001. Corporations were given grants and massive tax breaks directly and waves of positive publicity indirectly in exchange for donations of time, expertise, and technology. The Project’s management team wanted to create in Detroit a new high-tech infrastructure. The new Detroit would be the “City of the Future,” with the latest and greatest of everything.

The destruction of Detroit caused several cultural changes in America. Before, superheroes had been experiencing a period of public disfavor and mistrust, but that changed. Capes were once again famous celebrities, especially if they fought in the Battle of Detroit. Laws against supervillains and the use of superpowers to commit crimes were strengthened. The public reaction led to the US signing the Tribunal Treaty in April of 1993, finally allowing UNTIL to operate in the most supercrime-plagued nation on Earth. The nation’s first UNTIL office was located in Millennium City, opening just weeks before a nearby PRIMUS office.

In 1994, Cambridge Biotech moved its American headquarters to Millennium City, making it one of the largest companies to do so. Its most famous employee, Dr. Silverback, moved with it. Silverback, a superhumanly intelligent gorilla scientist and part-time superhero, rapidly became a symbol of the city’s rebirth. To many people, he became the public face of the Millennium Project.

In 1999, Mayor Calvin Biselle officially declared the Millennium Project complete and a success. In an emotional ceremony in Memorial Park, he signed documents officially changing the name of Detroit to Millennium City. In 2001, Defender moved to Millennium City from New York and began recruiting members for a new superhuman team called the Champions. In September of 2002, a dark cloud appeared on the horizon as Dr. Destroyer revealed to the world that he was still alive and had plans for the city born in his absence.

The Millennium Project

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