The Champions

Current members: Defender, Ironclad, Kinetik, Nightwind, Sapphire, Witchcraft

The Champions are the elite superhero team in Millennium City. The group began when the superhero Defender moved from New York City to Millennium City in 2001 and held a press conference announcing his intention to form a group to protect the city from Mechanon, VIPER, and anything else threatening its safety and security. Sapphire was the first to join, soon followed by Nighthawk. After his out-of-control spaceship plunged into Lake St. Clair, Ironclad accepted the invitation to join as well. After a nearly-deadly encounter with Takofanes, Defender and his team became painfully aware of their lack of mystic expertise. Soon after, they announced that Witchcraft would join as the team’s fifth member. The group’s membership was stable for several years.

In February 2006, Nighthawk was presumed to have died in an explosion while battling a new criminal group known as “The Alliance.” In fact, Nighthawk staged the explosion to avoid ruining his covert investigation of the Alliance. When he was found to still be alive, the Champions and the whole city were overjoyed. For reasons still not completely known, Nighthawk left the Champions soon afterward. In March 2006, the Champions added their long-time associate Kinetik to their roster and expanded again by adding Nightwind as their sixth member in August 2006.

All the descriptions below are from Hero Games’ 5th edition of Champions. The online Cryptic descriptions will be represented in the 6th edition this fall.


Champions Online Bio

Defender is the leader of the Champions and one of the most popular superheroes on the planet. Defender appears in a suit of powered armor with a black framework, golden helmet, gauntlets, and boots, and a blue breastplate. His weapons array, including several different types of electric blasters, allows him to dish out more damage than most military platoons, and his boot-jets give him air combat capability with a high degree of maneuverability. To this day, Defender’s real identity remains a secret.

Sapphire (Corazon “Corrie” Valenzuela)

Champions Online Bio

Sapphire is the rare combination of superstar rock star and superhero. Corrie was a 17 year-old, world-famous singer when one of her concerts was attacked by supervillains who wanted to take her hostage and get a big ransom for her. The stress unlocked her mutant powers of energy manipulation and he blasted the villains into unconsciousness. Soon, she adopted the name Sapphire and became even more popular. As soon as she heard that Defender was forming a new superteam in Millennium City, she was the first to sign up. Sapphire is a beautiful woman with deep brown eyes and straight black hair. Her superhero costume changes with her mood and the latest fashion trends. She frequently wears a choker around her neck with one of her namesake gems.

Ironclad (Drogen Lar)

Champions Online Bio

Ironclad is an alien born on the world Dorvala orbiting the star Phi Cassiopeia, homeworld of the Perseid Empire. He wanted to join the feared Dorvalan Space Marines but found himself working up from the quartermaster’s office to an engineering lab working on a new starship hull alloy. An inexplicable explosion covered his body with a molten experimental alloy that bonded with his skin transforming him into a man of living metal. Upset with his military leaders, he fled Dorvala to Malva where he became a professional gladiator hoping for rich rewards. Becoming disenchanted, he fled again but crashed his starship into Lake St. Claire outside Millennium City. The media said he looked like “an ironclad cutting through the waves” as he walked ashore after the crash. Seeking a permanent group of friends to live and work with, he accepted Defender’s offer to join the Champions.


Champions Online Bio

Witchcraft is the name of a powerful and beautiful young practitioner of the arts of magic. She began as a solo crime fighter before accepting the offer to join the Champions. She has green eyes and shoulder-length red hair. Her costume includes a thigh-length teal-colored tunic with a deep decolletage, long sleeves, matching leggings, with a golden sash and slippers. Over it all she wears her hoodless witch’s cloak, deep royal blue on the inside and black on the outside. It seems no one can remember exactly what her face looks like.


Champions Online Bio

Kinetik is a speedster capable of traveling at many times the speed of sound. The exact upper limit of his running speed is unknown. Kinetik is a black man in his late 20s or early 30s. He was a skintight costume, scarlet on the upper half and black below with a white lightning bolt running from his right shoulder down to his left leg. His head is bare (with hair cut short or sometimes shaved completely) and he wears large, bulbous goggles. Kinetik began as a solo hero in Millennium City but eventually accepted the offer to join the Champions. He is one of the most popular black superheroes in Millennium City, and regarded as a role model in the black community.


Nightwind is a skilled martial artist who has decided to take up the life of a superhero crimefighter. His costume consists of black boots, trunks, belt, center chest, shoulders, and gloves, with silver-grey leggings, sides, and arms. His v-neck tunic is silver-grey on the inside and black on the outside. His black domino mask leaves most of his face uncovered and his short black hair free.

Nighthawk (former Champions member)

Nighthawk was a dedicated and effective member of the Champions team, but he was always the one with the poorest reputation in the minds of the public. His costume is silver and black. The body stocking, full face mask, gloves, and hooded cape are black; his knee-length boots, bracers, belt and billy club holster and combat vest are silver. He is an expert in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.

The Champions

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