The Champions Universe has four major TV networks (NBS, CBC, ABS, and the Adair Network) and numerous important cable channels. Each network has an affiliate in Millennium City.

Broadcast Stations

WRJK, Channel 6

The local NBS affiliate is the current ratings leader in MC. Its news and local broadcasts are the most liberal among the major networks. Miranda Chen covers the “superhero news” beat and she’s recently made a name for herself nationally with her sensationalistic stories.

WFFA, Channel 5

The local CBC affiliate is the oldest and most conservative of the Big 4 networks. It features primarily family-friendly prime-time programming, with sitcoms starring befuddled dads and cute kids, or murder mysteries starring actors famous for their work fifty years ago. John Gorham has been anchoring the local news for four decades on WFFA.

WCOC, Channel 8

An affiliate of the struggling ABS network, WCOC probably offers the least-biased news programs and the best local programming. Unfortunately, nobody knows that because it has such disastrously low ratings for its national programs. The newest station manager, Travis Andrews, has begun a campaign to try to raise WCOC’s profile with extensive participation in community events and new, hip look and feel to its local programming.

WTFL, Channel 2

WTFL is a member of the relatively new Adair Network, a branch of the Adair media conglomerate. “AN” has made a name for itself with its “shock” and “reality” programming and its right-wing sensationalist news shows. As one of the network’s flagship stations, WTFL fits right in to that perception. The station is home to “news personality” Curt Carruthers, a columnist, commentator, and author of several best-selling books about what’s wrong with America these days. Carruthers has taken on superheroes in public debates about politics, vigilantism, and the “police state.” He expressed concerns about Witchcraft and her use of “Satanistic” magic and how that might affect Millennium City’s children.

Other local channels

Millennium City also has a few local stations, including WMAV (13), an independent station that rivals WTFL for right-wing populism on a considerably smaller budget; WMCL (37), another local independent popular with the young engineers and techies that shows mostly science fiction reruns and technology documentaries; and WPZP (10), the local Public Television station with its artsy reputation that alternates ballet, opera, and highbrow news shows with left-wing documentaries and controversial activist events.

Cable Stations

Two cable stations are particularly relevant to Millennium City: SNN (the Super News Network) and its spinoff, SNN Sidekick. Both have achieved tremendous popularity in MC, and the station opened its third news desk here in 2000 (after the two in New York and Los Angeles). It’s not uncommon to see SNN vans racing through the streets of the city as they follow some super-battle or try to get to Homestead in time for the latest press conference.


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