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I have started a Calendar to keep track of the in-character dates when our adventures occur.

The below is in-character, public knowledge of Millennium City circa August 2008.

History Transportation Superheroes Supervillains
Battle of Detroit Wayne Co. Metro Airport The Champions Doctor Destroyer
The Millennium Project Driving in Millennium City   PSI
Corporations Politics Media Law Enforcement
Aperture Science/Black Mesa Calvin Biselle Newspapers PRIMUS
Liberty Airlines Institute for Human Advancement Television Superhuman Registration
Regent Energy     Sanctioning

Here are some Millennium City demographics from the 2000 census.

Population 3.88 million (metropolitan area), 1.2 million (urban center)
Race 44% White, 41% Black, 10% Asian, 5% Other
Religion 44% Protestant, 40% Catholic, 9% Jewish, 7% Other
Major Industries Heavy industry, light manufacturing, technology, pharmaceuticals, steel
Nickname The City of the Future
City Government Mayor, nine-seat City Council
Mayor Calvin Biselle (1996-present)

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