Doctor Destroyer

OOC: Cryptic’s newest incarnation of Destroyer

The supervillain known as Doctor Destroyer first appeared in 1975. The threat he poses eclipses that of most other supervillains on the planet. With his extremely advanced technology, ruthless ambition to rule the world, and extensive resources, Destroyer could easily conquer a significant part of the planet. His ability to hide the existence and nature of his resources makes him all the more dangerous. He frequently uses stealth technology and similar means to keep his activities covert. According to most estimates, he had (or has) major bases in Antarctica, Siberia, the Amazon jungle, the Himalayas, Oceania, and outer space. Destroyer wears a suit of powered armor considered the most powerful and advanced in the world. During the 1992 Battle of Detroit, a single energy bolt from his blasters was enough to fell most superhumans; who knows what improvements he may have made since.

In March 1975, Dr. Destroyer and his minions used powerful gunships equipped with gravatic flight technology and energy blasters to conquer California as a prelude to conquering the world. The US military, the Fabulous Five, the Justice Squadron, the Sentinels, and several independent heroes clashed with Destroyer near San Francisco. After a day of fierce fighting, Destroyer was defeated but he was able to escape. Kid Chameleon of the Fabulous Five and Ocelot of the Justice Squadron were both killed by Destroyer’s energy weapons.

The 1992 Battle of Detroit was a tragedy that rocked the Superhuman World and all of humanity. Destroyer’s “suicide” device razed a large portion of the city and killed tens of thousands of people and dozens of heroes. Millennium City was born in the wake of his destruction.

In May 2004, Destroyer returned to Millennium City. In what has been referred to (by Dr. Silverback and then the press) as the Reality Storm, the Earth was struck by a series of unnatural disasters. MC was hit with torrential rains, flooding, and electrical storms that lasted for days. At their peak, a small volcano began to form on the floor of Lake St. Claire. It soon began belching molten lava into the water, endangering shipping for miles in all directions. During this crisis, the Champions disappeared, teleported to a strange dimension where they teamed up with a superhero team from an alternate Earth to battle Destroyer and his mysterious allies. Other MC heroes stepped up to defend their home, including Cavalier, Hydro, and a new group called the Millennium City 8 (Commando Rubberbando, El Aguijon, Lady Liberty, Megaera, Psiphon, Rakktor, Stalker, and Steadfast). Ultimately, the Champions returned and Destroyer was defeated, but not after 800 people had been killed and property damages were over $6 billion.

In August 2006, Destroyer launched another plan for world conquest. He had secretly rebuilt and improved his artificial island base, now known as Destruga II. The island appeared south of the Cook Islands, moving west towards Australia. Heroes from across the planet scrambled to stop the threat in time, including the Justice Squadron, the Sentinels, the Champions, the New Knights of the Round Table, the Tokyo Super Squad, the Tiger Squad, and members of the Superhero Division. In nearly a week of fighting, the heroes wore down the island’s defenses and broke most of Destroyer’s weapons. Recognizing his losses, Destroyer began preparations to launch a mind control satellite he had expected to use after conquering Australia. A team of specially-trained UNTIL commandos infiltrated his facility and shut down the launch. At that point, Destroyer self-destructed his island, killing a dozen UNTIL personnel and two members of the Tiger Squad.

Destroyer has not been seen since the destruction of Destruga II. The depth of the Pacific Ocean at that location makes search or salvage operations marginal at best. While some hope he went down with his ship, most authorities believed he escaped via teleportation and is planning his next conquest.

Doctor Destroyer

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