Aperture Science and Black Mesa Technologies

Aperture Science and Black Mesa Technologies

In the early 1990’s, the megacorporation Aperture Science was involved in an escalating rivalry with its chief competitor, Black Mesa Technologies. Though both companies were careful to preserve their public image (with Black Mesa painting itself as a leader in breakthrough medical technologies and Aperture Science portraying itself as the future of the space race) each was plagued with rumors of illegal activities, particularly involving weapons development, biological warfare agents, and black ops. However, neither company was ever “caught with the goods.” It seemed certain that, given time, one of the companies would ultimately bankrupt the other and emerge the leader in their field.

Unfortunately, unlike Black Mesa Technologies, (whose headquarters were located in Arizona,) Apeture Science based its world headquarters in Detroit, with a number of important hubs in the surrounding areas. It is perhaps no coincidence that the Apeture Science headquarters building was within half a mile of “ground zero” when Dr. Destroyer attacked Detroit in July of 1992. During the attack, the building was reduced to a smoking crater. Though various broken bits and pieces of former highly-technological devices can still be found to this day, Aperture Science never recovered and was eventually merged into Black Mesa Technologies.

Had anything other than Dr. Destroyer’s invasion been the cause of the Apeture Science demise, the subsequent scandals would have made front-page news for months. With most of its main computer systems destroyed and many of its employees dead, there was no longer a method, or even a reason, to continue with the previous charades. Apeture Science had indeed been engaging in weapons development, stealing scientific secrets, and engaging in numerous other less-than-legal venues. However, with the invasion of Detroit taking up the front-line news cycles, the discoveries and investigations were buried in small paragraphs in the back pages of the newspapers, where they received little attention.

Black Mesa Technologies was one of the first major corporations to come on board the Millenium Project, pledging to lend its extensive technological expertise in order to help the city rebuild. In addition to receiving tax breaks and desperately needed positive publicity, Black Mesa got what it was really after: with very little interference or oversight, it purchased the remnants of Aperture Science for pennies on the dollar. Today, the Aperture Science corporation no longer exists, having been completely consumed by Black Mesa technologies.

However, occasionally the marks of its former presence can still be found around the city, particularly around those sections of the city which are older or more run-down.

It seems that every abandoned warehouse for miles around (and there are a lot) has an old, forgotten box or two in it with the Aperture Science logo. Black Mesa Technologies has a standing reward, no questions asked, for any Aperture Science crate which is found and turned in. However, this reward is rarely claimed. It is rumored that the flying hero Jetpax found his signature jetpack in an old Aperture Science crate; it is further rumored that the multimillionaire playboy Tex Hudson got his start by finding an Aperture Science crate that was full of money. Although neither of these rumors can be proved, hope springs eternal, and so those few that are fortunate enough to stumble upon one of these old boxes almost invariably open them, hoping to find gizmos or riches inside. Consequently, Black Mesa pays out very few of its found-box “good samaritan” awards.

Black Mesa technologies has now diversified into “medical technologies” and “space technologies” divisions. Medical Technologies remains based out of Arizona, but the new Space Technologies division, built to assist the Millenium Project, is run from a shiny new skyscraper downtown. Ironically, the new building is within 100 feet of the now-filled-in crater where the Aperture Technologies headquarters used to stand.

Aperture Science and Black Mesa Technologies

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